What are the Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing?

What are the benefits of cloud computing? Here are ten things you stand to gain by making the switch for […]

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What are the benefits of cloud computing? Here are ten things you stand to gain by making the switch for your business or platform.

Since its introduction in 2006, cloud computing technology has become an integral part of many businesses.

The benefits of cloud computing are immense and wide-spanning. Better collaboration, greater flexibility, and improved protection from cybercrimes are just some examples.

However, some businesses still resist the change. The reasons vary, but it’s simply a fact that those who are hesitant to switch are missing out on some significant advantages.

Here are ten things you stand to gain by switching to cloud-based technology.

1. Security

Cybercrimes are one of the biggest threats that can disrupt a business.

According to Forbes, more cybercrimes were committed in 2020 than ever before. That number will likely only increase as more and more people start working from home.

Fortunately, cloud computing technology is very secure. It’s housed offsite, where employees and potential hackers don’t have access to it. Plus, it’s encrypted, meaning only computers with access to your data can get into your system.

2. High Speed

No matter what type of business you run, productivity in the workplace is essential.

Compared to in-house data centers (which are notorious for periodically slowing down), cloud computing services run on a massive network of powerful computing hardware.

You or your business gain access to faster speeds, plus the latest and greatest technology from wherever you’re working.

3. Cost Savings

Businesses stand to save 30 to 50 percent on IT costs when they switch to the cloud, says the SVP of Engineering, Cloud Infrastructure at Oracle.

Those cost savings come from:

  • Less frequent hardware and software costs
  • Fewer (if any) installation/setup fees
  • Lower electricity costs
  • Less paid security features

You’ll also save on costs accrued from downed servers and network errors. Amazingly, businesses lose about 3.6 percent of revenue annually in these areas, which is pretty substantial.

4. Reduced IT Infrastructure

Another major cost-saver? Reduction of staff and IT equipment required once you switch to cloud computing.

Gone are the days where an entire wing of an office was devoted to troubleshooting. Cloud computing services often come with customer service and troubleshooting options built right in, so you’re always a phone call away from getting help.

Even if it costs a little extra for dedicated service, it’s far cheaper than paying several full-time employees to do that sort of work.

5. Better Collaboration

Cloud computing tech allows employees to collaborate easier.

Unified communications allow your team to work together in real-time. Whether you have your own in-house applications or use a generic solution like Google Drive, this is much faster and more efficient. It also allows for productivity when employees are out of the office or working from home.

Collaboration also improves because it’s easier to find data. Instead of sifting through physical folders or plugging in hard drives, you can search or scan one extensive network.

6. Automatic Updates

Software updates can take hours, which disrupt business and affect your bottom line.

One of the less recognized benefits of cloud computing software is that it updates on its own. You effectively pay the same price for a service that progressively gets better and better.

7. Scalability

Today’s businesses, especially ones with an online component, need to be able to scale. The internet makes it easier than ever before to grow your business exponentially—but if your in-house server can’t handle those demands, that could put a cap on your expansion plans.

Fortunately, you pay for cloud storage and features by usage. This means a simple phone call and upgrade can buy your company or platform the features or space it needs to scale. The whole process takes far less time than upgrading servers, too.

8. Storage Capacity

The cloud offers unlimited storage potential for your business.

Whether it’s public or private storage you need, you can (once again) customize your storage requirements so you won’t pay for stuff you won’t use.

9. Mobility

Whether you’re scaling, pivoting, moving offices, or shifting your business to a more WFH-friendly environment, cloud technology makes it easy to change your business on the fly.

Expansions take time and planning, but not having to worry about your computer’s virtual infrastructure is a fantastic asset. Wherever you are and whenever it’s needed, you’ll have access to your information.

10. Data Loss Prevention

The fear of losing data is genuine and one we all must face.

Millions of dollars are lost each year when businesses lose their data. And unfortunately, 29 percent of that data is lost due to human error.

While data loss is technically possible through the cloud, it’s far less likely. Your data is backed up on the cloud, so even if you experience a crash, you’ll be able to recover it.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

From reduced costs of staff and IT equipment to better workflow productivity and collaboration among staff, the benefits of cloud computing are pretty great for business.

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