Are SD-WAN Solutions Created Equal?

Are SD-WAN Solutions Created Equal? The SD-WAN Market vs. Cisco Meraki & Viptela

Glenn Smith, President and Co-Founder

INTRODUCTION: WAN networking technologies have undergone significant transformation over the last several years with SD-WAN emerging as a new standard for both small and large enterprises alike. The SD-WAN market grew to $1.9B in 2020 and is expected to grow to $8.4B by 2025. Some of the major drivers for the increase in SD-WAN adoption are the rising demand for mobility services and intent-based networks, increase in the need to have reliable cloud connectivity, and large enterprise adoption of SDWAN1. The COVID-19 pandemic also helped to set the stage for explosive growth in the SD-WAN market due to the increased need to work from home and to enable secure, intelligent, remote offices.