Zivaro’s Cloud services improve efficiency and scale with less work...

leaving you to focus on performance improvements and accelerating outcomes.

Cloud computing improves efficiency and scale with minimal management or service provider intervention. And while most organizations are doing something in the Cloud, with countless choices, platforms, and specializations, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Zivaro is here to help organizations do more in the Cloud. We come armed with experience and resources, from foundational elements to modernization, operational best practices to outsourced Cloud platform services with AWS (Amazon Web Services).

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Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) Delivers platform(s) to enable clients to develop, run, and manage business applications without the need to build and maintain on premise infrastructure.

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Application Cloud Migrations

The goal or benefit of Cloud migration is to optimize workloads (host applications and data) in the most effective IT environment possible, based on factors such as cost, performance and security.

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Cloud Security Assurance

Quickly gain real-time posture and insights across all IT resources and security controls to clear compliance and pass audits with minimal effort, regardless of mandate or regulatory framework.

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Landing Zone Preparation and Deployment

Automate landing zone deployment and configuration with Zivaro operational best practices that extends as a managed landing zone service to further simplify deployment and management.

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