Embrace modernity with a platform designed to power your most demanding technology needs.

With Zivaro and FlexPod, you can digitally transform with confidence. 

FlexPod is the only answer for data center modernization.

NetApp and Cisco built FlexPod on the foundation of their groundbreaking technology to eliminate deployment challenges for best-in-class data center architectures. 

Power your modern enterprise and AI applications with Zivaro and NetApp. 

FlexPod increases IT responsiveness to reduce computing costs and maximize uptime with minimal risk. Gain a competitive edge by running new services and workloads at the edge, core, or in the cloud by simplifying data and application delivery.

What can you do with FlexPod?

  • Power Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine/Deep Learning applications with infrastructure optimized for analytic workloads.
  • Reduce data center costs with industry-leading efficiencies.
  • Future-proof your modern data center workflows and enterprise applications with cloud-connected storage, compute, and fabric. 
  • Orchestrate data from edge to core to cloud without hassle. 
  • Integrate the newest technologies with rapid comprehensive validation.
  • Integrate cutting-edge services with best-in-class data center architectures. 
  • Increase IT responsiveness to organizational needs. 
  • Deliver maximum uptime with minimal risk. 
  • Run applications and services at the edge, core, or in the cloud. 
  • Drastically reduce your data center costs. 

Zivaro and NetApp will simplify deployments and reduce operational costs while maximizing performance with best-in-class infrastructure. We’ll help you deliver a better customer experience with a platform that works. 


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