Zivaro Impact: Corporate Social Responsibility

Employee Engagement. Community Impact. Business Success.

People growth is business growth.

At Zivaro, we believe in people-centered and environmentally sound business practices that uplift communities and prioritize inclusivity. We achieve our goals through staff-driven programs, intentional partnerships, and the stewardship of sustainable initiatives.

We want to create a business legacy recognizing our staff and their communities as crucial catalysts for organizational growth and industry impact.

How we serve.

Through active listening, philanthropic reciprocity, community-led partnerships, and staff-driven values and priorities, Zivaro is committed to being an impactful community asset and ally to our partners. We support our CSR pillars through engaged staff, intentional partnerships, and thoughtful resourcing.

We seek community and business partners aligned with our values to create impactful change in our industry and beyond. Are you interested in becoming a partner?

Our Impact Pillars

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Community Support

We’re deeply committed to providing community support through our work with veterans services, family services, and organizations supporting underserved youth.

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Environmental Stewardship

Corporations must work to offset their environmental impact, so we support internal and external initiatives with operations, partners, staff, clients, suppliers, and the community focused on the environment.

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Diversity and Equity

We support the diversity and equity of our staff, families, and the community through BIPOC youth education and leadership training, mentorship, and an inclusive company culture with ethical representation.

Our Core Values

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We uphold honesty and strong ethical principles in every decision to foster trust and credibility.

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We nurture a sense of unity, promoting collaboration and supporting local and national initiatives.

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We embrace diversity in all forms, fostering equal opportunities and creating a welcoming environment for all.

Being an equitable organization is a journey that requires humble learning, transparent action, and accountable impact.

Zivaro fosters a culture honoring a diversity of thought, ideas, beliefs, and experiences. We are an inclusive organization on a mission to create an environment where all employees know they are valued regardless of race, gender, and sexual identity. In addition, we fearlessly challenge ourselves to uncover, understand, and correct the inequities we discover and work to do better.

Our Partners Include:

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