Darin Hightchew

Darin Hightchew

CSO, Federal Programs

As the Chief Strategy Officer for Federal Programs, Darin Hightchew is responsible for leading the strategy and business development activities for bringing Zivaro’s engineering services and technical solutions to Federal Programs.

Darin brings over 30 years of experience to Zivaro, previously working at Lockheed Martin Space as the Director of DevSecOps leading their Cyber Architecture & Engineering, SW Factory, Model Based Systems Engineering, Augmented Reality and Core Data teams. During his 15-year tenure at Lockheed Martin, Darin served in various other key positions such as Sr Program Manager and Chief Cyber Architect for numerous Air, Missile and Space Command and Control programs. Darin is a 9-year Air Force veteran who proudly supported Operation Desert Storm and other critical defense missions.

Darin earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems and a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science from Colorado Technical University. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) since 2001.

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