Revolutionizing education with superior IT solutions.

Transforming academic disruptions into opportunities with Zivaro's customized, cost-effective IT solutions.

Driving progress in education.

Zivaro stands at the forefront of the rapidly evolving education IT landscape, delivering technology solutions tailored to the needs of K-12, college, and university environments. From streamlining operations to enhancing the student experience, we’re here to navigate the wave of change with you.

Harnessing technology for academic excellence.

Zivaro understands the need for cutting-edge digital classrooms where knowledge knows no boundaries. Our services elevate the traditional classroom experience – making it interactive, globally accessible, and engaging through technology.

Solutions built for education.

Each of our services is designed to meet a specific challenge faced by educational institutions, providing a holistic approach to IT management.

Network infrastructure

Keep pace with the evolving demands of today's educational landscape.

Big data analytics

Unlock actionable insights from your data to drive better decision-making.

Unified communications and collaboration

Foster collaboration and engagement across your institution.

Network security

Protect your digital environment from emerging threats.


Scale your IT resources with flexible cloud solutions.

Data center

Optimize operations while reducing your data center footprint.


Tailored to your institution's unique needs, helping you plan, build, and manage your IT infrastructure effectively.

Secure and reliable IT at your fingertips.

We’re here to secure your virtual learning environment and ensure smooth sailing through upgrades, integration, and analytics. Whether it’s enhancing remote communication or implementing cloud strategies, we have you covered.

E-rate funding for schools and libraries.

Learn more about accessing affordable IT services for schools and libraries through the E-rate funding program. Empower your institution with Zivaro.

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