The education vertical is at an inflection point.

K-12, college and university leaders are facing unprecedented disruption across the academic enterprise. Zivaro understands the unique culture of education and we take a proactive and right-sized approach to serving our clients. Turn disruption into opportunity, Zivaro helps to achieve your key organization pillars: Financial, operational efficiency, technology transformation, student experience, cyber security, and organizational leadership.

Educational institutions rely on information technology (IT) to facilitate communication and learning among administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Infrastructure must be open to a wide variety of applications, operating systems, and mobile user devices, but include security features to protect the integrity and privacy of certain information.

We understand the need for flipped classrooms, where students view video lectures before class, so that valuable class time can be spent on group projects, discussion, and labs. With virtual field trips, you can expose K-12 students to destinations and experts anywhere in the world. High-performance campus wireless networks allow K-12 and higher ed institutions to deliver digitized textbooks and interactive quizzes to mobile devices during class time. And now specialized applications, only available in labs, are available to students and faculty. Engagement through technology is more important than ever.

We deliver customized, cost-effective IT solutions to help educators increase student and faculty experience. We determine a best-use strategy to better manage costs and promote future growth. We can help institute a Cloud strategy that is fundable and scalable and that also provides remote communications for greater productivity and connected learning opportunities. Plus, we will make critical upgrades to infrastructure and help update and integrate database systems for improved analytical insight. And lastly, we will meet the privacy and security requirements to safeguard the online learning environment.

Our solutions include:

  • Network Infrastructure – Modernize your network infrastructure to keep up with the demands of today and prepare for tomorrow.
  • Big Data Analytics – Zivaro makes your data actionable; we build the roadmap to security, visibility – and brilliance.
  • Unified Communications – We give you the foundation to meet, message, and call so that you can move at the speed of innovation.
  • Network Security – We will keep you safe from hidden network threats and an ever-expanding attack surface.
  • Cloud – Cloud services tailored to the needs of your institution.
  • Data Center – Simplify IT operations, reduce your data center footprint, and optimize on-premise workloads.
  • Services – Zivaro’s purpose-built education services help organizations; Plan, Build and manage critical education IT and communications infrastructure. Our services are designed to solve todays challenges and anticipate tomorrow’s complex issues.

Interested in learning about how to gain access to affordable IT services for schools and libraries? Check out the E-rate funding program here.