Zivaro Impact: Corporate Social Responsibility

Impact: Harnessing business success for community advancement.

At Zivaro, we intertwine business growth with people growth, recognizing that our staff and their communities are the catalysts for our industry impact.

Zivaro Impact: From vision to action.

We aim to leverage our business practices to uplift communities, embracing people-centered and environmentally sound strategies. Through staff-driven programs, intentional partnerships, and sustainable initiatives, we serve as a community asset and ally. We actively engage in philanthropy, build community-led partnerships, and align with community and business partners that reflect our values.

Our community commitment.

Zivaro is dedicated to providing support to the communities we serve. We collaborate with veterans services, family services, and organizations advocating for underserved youth. We strive to create an inclusive company culture, promoting BIPOC youth education, leadership training, and mentorship.

Preserving our planet: Environmental stewardship.

In recognizing the corporate role in environmental impact, we drive initiatives focusing on sustainability across all aspects of our operations. With our partners, staff, clients, suppliers, and community, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint.

A sustainability benchmark: Zivaro earns Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialization.

Zivaro is proud to have achieved the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialization in the US as part of our environmental and social responsibility commitment. This accolade reinforces our dedication to driving positive environmental changes and creating an inclusive future for all people in the US, furthering our community commitment through our “Impact” program.

Our core values guide us.

Integrity, community, and inclusion form the cornerstones of our business. We uphold honesty and strong ethical principles, nurture unity, and foster diversity in all forms.

Our measurable impact.

Zivaro sets clear, quantifiable goals to ensure our impact is both significant and accountable. These include deploying 2% of our net profits to community partners, reducing CO2 emissions through a waste reduction program and a two-day per week remote work policy, and increasing employee volunteer hours by 5% annually.

Our commitment to equity.

Zivaro endeavors to create a culture honoring a diversity of thought, ideas, beliefs, and experiences. We aim to establish an environment where all employees feel valued and appreciated. Moreover, we challenge ourselves to address and rectify any discovered inequities.

Our sustainability mission statement.

Zivaro is committed to executing sustainability initiatives supportive of the environment and those most impacted by the climate crisis. Recognizing that our employees are our greatest asset, we leverage their time alongside our leadership to reduce Zivaro’s carbon footprint and achieve our sustainability goals. We incentivize employees to participate in a company-wide work remote work policy and support annual environmentally-focused volunteer days.

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Zivaro aims to deploy 2% of its net profits annually to community partners

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Zivaro aims to reduce 57,000lbs of CO2e food-based emissions annually through 25% employee participation in our waste reduction program

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Zivaro aims to reduce CO2 commuter emissions through a two-day per-week remote work policy



Zivaro aims to deploy 1000 employee volunteer hours within our community annually, increasing those hours 5% each year

Our partners.

We’re fortunate to work alongside incredible partners aligned with our mission and values.

Do you represent a community organization or want to learn more about Zivaro Impact?

We’d love to hear from you.

Community Service

Through both volunteering and donations, we support a variety of non-profit and other charitable organizations to help impact our communities and raise social awareness. We focus on social welfare, healthcare and education. Here are a few organizations we support:

Volunteer Time Off Program

Our employees are granted a fixed amount of paid time off each year to participate in a charitable endeavor within our network of organizations. Employees can also donate time (work hours) toward a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, in accordance with Zivaro’s giving and volunteering guidelines. By doing so, we support our local partners while expanding our employees’ commitment to personal contributions to the charitable community.

Matching Gift Program

Zivaro’s Matching Gift Program takes employee’s community contributions and doubles the amount. Gifts of $25 or more to 501(c)(3) organizations are matched dollar-for-dollar up to $250 per employee annually.

2023 Impact Report

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