Managed SIEM

Stand vigilant with Zivaro Managed SIEM.

Trust our Managed Security Identity and Event Management (SIEM) services to guard your digital frontier around the clock.

Confidently navigate the complex world of cyber threats.

In this era of constant digital threats, your defense must be robust, agile, and always on guard. Zivaro’s Managed SIEM is your round-the-clock watchtower, giving you complete network visibility to ensure your digital assets and operations remain secure.

Asset and identity visibility

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the actors and activities within your network. Uncover the "who" and "what" to enhance your security posture.

Notable events

Harness the power of advanced machine learning to identify and decipher significant events and stories from the vast sea of data. Uncover the insights that matter most.

Risk analysis

Automatically assign and update real-time risk scores for your users and assets based on their activities. Stay one step ahead of potential threats.

Threat intelligence

Strengthen your defenses by integrating external and custom intelligence feeds. Uncover the tactics and behaviors of malicious actors.

Adaptive response

Take proactive actions automatically in response to notable events. Mitigate risks and safeguard your systems with swift and intelligent responses.

Entrust your digital security to Zivaro.

Zivaro’s Managed SIEM service offers round-the-clock proactive monitoring and incident response, leveraging Splunk Enterprise’s leading capabilities. Tailored to fit our client’s needs, we enhance security visibility while ensuring optimal system uptime. With certified Splunk experts at the helm, we eliminate the need for dedicated in-house administrative staff, making your security our mission.

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