Reimagine healthcare with technology-driven outcomes.

Revolutionizing the patient experience.

Transforming healthcare in a data-driven world.

Healthcare is eternally evolving, and Zivaro is at the forefront, helping providers leverage technology to optimize patient care and manage compliance. Today, IT isn’t just a support tool; it’s a strategic asset shaping the future of healthcare.

Meeting your strategic objectives with our expertise.

We recognize the intricacies and challenges healthcare institutions and providers face. With a blend of experience and specialized knowledge, our healthcare IT team deploys strategic solutions to drive your organization forward.

Empowering your healthcare practice.

Zivaro offers comprehensive IT solutions to address critical areas in healthcare, like:

Wireless networking

For robust wireless infrastructures that handle your network demands.

End-user enablement

Tackling the influx of personal communication devices, ensuring seamless mobility and optimal efficiency.


Ensuring your telephony systems and mobile devices work together for intelligent patient care.

Big data

Using advanced data analytics tools to improve operational efficiency and drive better patient outcomes.

Data center and cloud

Creating flexible, high-performance infrastructures to support critical applications and manage costs.


Comprehensive solutions to protect sensitive data and comply with federal security mandates.

The expertise you need.

With an arsenal of top-tier certifications, our team creates customized solutions for your unique healthcare IT challenges. Zivaro consistently delivers impressive outcomes that maximize your return on investment.

Secure and effective IT solutions in healthcare.

We’re not just a service provider. Zivaro is your trusted partner, safeguarding your operations, reducing risk, and standardizing solutions to optimize your healthcare practice. Let’s drive healthcare innovation together.

Hear it from our healthcare partners.

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