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Driving success in the digital age.

Relentlessly powering those committed to excellence and progression.

Innovative IT services for modern enterprises.

For those on the frontline of industry and governance, the right IT solutions aren’t a luxury; they’re a necessity. With Zivaro, you don’t just get a service—you get an arsenal tailored to empower your every move.

Managed IT Services

At Zivaro, we ensure technology is more than just operational—it's strategic. Our managed IT services, spanning from cloud and data center to SD-WAN and security, bring robust resilience to your operations. And our HIPAA-compliant, cloud-native healthcare solution, OneHealthEQ, stands as a beacon for healthcare providers, letting them prioritize patient care while we seamlessly handle EHR and application management.

Service Delivery Models

Uncompromised efficiency and precision—that's our promise. Zivaro's service delivery models are custom-crafted to meet your unique demands, ensuring an agile response to dynamic market shifts and solidifying your position at the forefront.

Professional Services

Beyond mere IT integration, our professional services, including our Software Adoption Services, bolster your organization's digital armory. As the world leans deeper into the digital age, we equip you with tools and strategies to remain unyielding, adaptive, and competitive.

Resident Engineering Services

Navigating the digital labyrinth requires an adept guide. Our resident engineering services ensure you're never alone, combining industry acumen with innovative tech solutions to drive outcomes that don't just tick boxes—they set benchmarks.

Zivaro stands apart.

Zivaro has fortified public and private sectors with unrivaled IT prowess for a quarter of a century. But it’s not just about technological flair—it’s about forging the digital future. Our heritage in Big Data Analytics, Cloud, Unified Communications, and Network Infrastructure is a testament to our unwavering dedication.

Our mission is non-negotiable: To bolster those who bolster others.

Whether it’s community pillars like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado or worldwide endeavors, our dedication surpasses mere transactions. With Zivaro, you align with values, integrity, and an enduring commitment to innovation.

Pioneering digital transformation for visionaries.

More than a service provider, Zivaro is your staunch ally in the digital battlefield. In an era of relentless evolution, we’re the consistent variable, ensuring your infrastructure is always a step ahead, ready to conquer today’s challenges and tomorrow’s innovations.

Certified excellence in IT.

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