Zivaro makes your data actionable; we build the roadmap to security, visibility - and brilliance. 

Turn your Data and Analytics into positive outcomes with Zivaro.

Organizations today generate and collect an unprecedented amount of data. But data collection alone won’t drive new revenue. Without a way to refine your information and enable data-driven decisions, your organization can’t increase profits and reduce risk and costs. And you won’t outpace competitors or create a better customer experience.

Success today depends on your ability to derive value from data quickly and apply those insights across your organization- regardless of industry or vertical.

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Data is a commodity.

Data is no different from oil, grain, coffee, or gold, and like most commodities, it must be refined to unlock its potential. Data’s ultimate value lies in the insights it creates to inform measured and effective decision-making.

And with rising costs and the constant threat of digital disruption, data is your most significant untapped asset.

Understand Sentiment

Improve customer and employee experiences and retention.

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Reduce Risk

Enhance and improve risk management

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Data Driven Decisions

Use data to drive innovation and product development

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Increased Revenue

Speed time to market and open new revenue streams with Data and Analytics

Zivaro’s Big Data Analytics practice uses Splunk, the leading machine data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence platform, to enable insights for regulated market customers.

With hundreds of completed analytics engagements in our portfolio, we have the experience and expertise you can trust.

Zivaro’s Big Data Analytics practice gives regulated market customers unparalleled visibility and best-in-class security. From real-time revenue recognition for a Fortune 300 retailer to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and automation for a division of a Fortune 100 financial services company.

We have the certifications, experience, and vendor partnerships to transform the ways your organization collects and uses data.

Zivaro is here to support you as the nation’s first Splunk Elite partner, and one of just a handful of authorized North American Splunk training partners. Our sales, engineering, administration, and architecture teams hold more than 140 certifications and provide end-to-end Splunk support. From licensing and pre-sales engineering to post-sale professional services, enablement and training optimization, we have your organization covered.

We deliver positive outcomes for commercial, federal, civilian, Department of Defense (DoD), and State and Local government agencies, as well as education, SaaS, financial services, eCommerce, energy, and retail organizations.

The proven business outcomes of Zivaro’s Big Data Analytics practice:

  • IT Service Intelligence Deployment for Fortune 100 digital content and home entertainment provider to gain end-to-end visibility and real-time customer experience monitoring and insights related to customer activity and platform usage. Combined, these KPI’s improved the accuracy of service adoption forecasts and infrastructure cost models
  • Core Splunk and Enterprise Security assessment, design, training, and implementation services for an oil and gas provider to enhance its security posture
  • Compliance audit readiness assessment utilizing Core Splunk for large financial services firm in preparation for SAS-70 Type I and Type II audits
  • Splunk-certified education and training for a top communications company to empower 200+ employees to gain ROI from their Splunk deployment
  • Security Operations  Center (SOC) design with machine data as the centerpiece for all use cases around identity, access, advanced persistent threats (APT), and forensics
  • Splunk Cloud design services to provide real-time security posture across both internal and external border networks for a Federal agency

Zivaro is recognized by Splunk with 6 Partner Awards for domain expertise, and as one of the most certified partners in North America, as well as for driving value to the overall Splunk ecosystem.