Accounting for Differences between DHCPv6 and DHCP

Much has been said regarding the sometimes-subtle, sometimes-obvious ways that “shiny new” IPv6 is different from the “legacy” IPv4 protocol. One subtle example is how IPv6 uses ICMPv6 for the Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP) compared to IPv4’s broadcast messages and ARP method. One overt example is how IPv6 uses behemoth 128-bit addresses where IPv4 uses […]

Why Router-Based DHCP Won’t Work With IPv6

There are many enterprise companies who are still using DHCP for IPv4 on their routers/switches.  This is typically done by the network administrator who needs to get a DHCP capability up and running quickly but does not have access to a DHCP server. More often than not, this is done by an IP Telephony engineer […]

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