Big Data Analytics

Turn your data into a game-changing advantage.

Illuminate the unseen. Harness the potential of your data with Zivaro.

Leverage the power of data.

Realize the full potential of your data. Make better decisions, improve customer experiences, reduce risk, and increase revenue.

Data refinement

Just as commodities require refinement to unlock their value, so does your data. Zivaro facilitates this process, providing meaningful insights that guide effective decision-making.

Sentiment analysis

Enhance customer and employee experiences and improve retention by understanding sentiment and behavior.

Risk management

Leverage data to reduce risk, make informed decisions, and protect your organization's interests.

Innovation and development

Utilize your data to drive innovation, speed up time to market, and discover new revenue streams.

Trust the industry leaders in Big Data Analytics.

Zivaro’s Big Data Analytics practice delivers best-in-class security and visibility. Benefit from our industry-leading machine learning and artificial intelligence platform and our extensive
experience in analytics.

Outcomes-oriented approach

We deliver positive outcomes backed by hundreds of successful analytics engagements.

Unmatched expertise

Zivaro boasts a team of experts with over 140 certifications in machine data, providing end-to-end support and unparalleled visibility

The real-world impact of Zivaro's Big Data Analytics practice.

Our unrivaled track record in Big Data Analytics unfolds a narrative of exceptional success stories. We empowered a top-tier digital content provider with comprehensive visibility and real-time customer experience insights, drastically enhancing their service adoption forecasts and infrastructure cost models.

Our adept application of Splunk elevated the security posture of an oil and gas provider and a significant financial firm’s readiness for stringent audits.

Through our top-notch training, a leading communication company’s staff saw a tangible ROI from their Splunk investment. The security blueprint we crafted, centered on machine data, became the robust defense against identity theft, unauthorized access, and advanced persistent threats.

Our cloud design services redefined a Federal agency’s security posture, guaranteeing real-time surveillance across all networks.

Transform your business landscape with Zivaro.

Trust Zivaro, the nation’s first Splunk Elite partner, to deliver unrivaled support in transforming your organization’s data collection and utilization practices. From pre-sales engineering to post-sale services, our certified teams are here to guide you every step of the way.

Our satisfied clients echo the power and precision of our Big Data Analytics solutions.

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