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Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation and Resilience: The Zivaro Journey

From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leadership: Reflecting on a Quarter-Century of Growth, Grit, and Gratitude

From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leadership: Reflecting on a Quarter-Century of Growth, Grit, and Gratitude

As we celebrate a monumental 25 years at Zivaro (formerly Global Technology Resources Inc., or GTRI), we reflect on a journey of perseverance, groundbreaking advancements, and an unwavering commitment to our clients and community. 

Our co-founders embarked on this adventure with little more than vast industry knowledge, strong distributor relationships, and an audacious vision: a customer-centric IT provider poised to redefine the standard for service and innovation in a rapidly evolving industry.

Enduring Early Challenges: The Foundation of Resilience

Launched in the wake of the dot-com bubble and grappling with the economic aftershocks of 9/11, our infancy was anything but smooth. The co-founders’ tenacity was tested as they juggled multiple roles, stretching their expertise to navigate unfamiliar operational terrain without today’s ubiquitous SaaS comforts. 

Financial survival meant personal sacrifices, leaning on savings, and a relentless drive to keep the dream alive amidst an easier path beckoning elsewhere.

These formidable years, though grueling, distilled the essence of Zivaro’s resilience and adaptability, qualities that continue to propel us through the IT industry’s unceasing transformations.

Milestones: A Tapestry of Triumphs

Zivaro’s timeline is embroidered with milestones, each a testament to the talent and dedication of our team, whom we regard as the true intellectual powerhouse behind our successes. 

Our breakthrough project with Children’s Hospital Denver in 2007 catapulted us into regional prominence, underscoring our capability to execute intricate, time-sensitive initiatives.

Further affirmation of our ascendancy came with managing the VA’s colossal Cisco support contract and, more recently, our 2023 accolade from the Denver Post for our nurturing, inclusive work environment—a recognition that reflects years of concerted effort to forge a culture where support, trust, and belonging are paramount. 

Notably, over half of our team are military veterans, which remains the cornerstone of our identity and achievements.

Evolution and Adaptation: Staying Ahead in a Tech World

The technological landscape has undergone seismic shifts since our inception. From the rudimentary internet days to the sophisticated cloud-based era, the pace of change has been relentless. Our survival has depended on perpetual learning, agility, and a precocious knack for deciphering essential tech trends amidst the din. Investing in emergent skills—cybersecurity, cloud expertise, software development—and fostering an environment where innovation thrives have been integral to our adaptive success.

Critical strategic decisions also punctuate our journey. Expanding into federal sectors offered economic buoyancy, while our allegiance with Cisco’s portfolio solidified our market standing. These pivotal moments, influenced significantly by visionary members past and present, have indelibly shaped Zivaro’s trajectory.

Culture, Mission, and Looking Ahead

Our mission, historically rooted in tech innovation, underwent introspective recalibration, evolving into a service-first manifesto dedicated to impactful client partnerships. This ethos is the heartbeat of our culture, driving our future endeavors.

We envision further expansion, especially within our federal mission and cloud-centric services.

We aim to nurture the extraordinary team dynamic currently powering Zivaro, pursuing ambitious objectives outlined in our five-year plan. Our success anchors on transparent communication, strategic execution, and acknowledging each member’s voice and value.

A Message of Gratitude

As we commemorate this milestone, our message reverberates with heartfelt gratitude. To our employees, clients, and partners: Thank you for the unwavering faith and dedication bolstering Zivaro’s remarkable journey. Your belief and support fuel our continued pursuit of excellence.

Lessons From the Trenches

Reflecting on our 25-year odyssey, one insight stands paramount: Prioritize customer-centric efforts. 

Operational efficiency is vital, but engaging and understanding client needs is the lifeblood of any business. This customer-first philosophy and an unyielding spirit of innovation and adaptability remain our guiding beacon, inspiring us toward new horizons.

As we step into the next chapter, we carry forward the legacy of our past, the excitement of our present, and the endless possibilities of our future. 

Here’s to the journey ahead. May it be as adventurous, rewarding, and successful as our first 25 years together.

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