Zivaro Provides Cloud Services to the United States Air Force for their Level Up Initiative

Zivaro Provides Cloud Services to the United States Air Force for their Level Up Initiative  Denver, CO, December 1st, 2019 […]

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Zivaro Provides Cloud Services to the United States Air Force for their Level Up Initiative 

Denver, CO, December 1st, 2019 –  Zivaro, Inc., Brilliant IT, announced their partnership with the United States Air Force to provide cloud services to their Level Up initiative. Level Up is a Pentagon effort focused on the rapid deployment of cybersecurity capabilities and tools designed to respond to cyber events quickly. 

The United States Air Force (USAF), has three Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs) for DevSecOps. Zivaro supports the BOAs with a set of services via Cloud Services Provider (CSP), providing AFLCMC/HN, Level Up and its developers with a mechanism to conduct continuous development, testing, staging and deployment into production – also known as DevOps and DevSecOps – to integrate and test at multiple classification levels for government cloud and hybrid cloud architectures that include, but are not limited to, IL2, IL5, IL6, and other classification networks.

Zivaro meets the USAFs stringent project and partner requirements. Level Up must partner with a Cloud Services Provider capable of processing workloads at DoD (Department of Defense) Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (DoD SRG) Impact Level 5 (IL5), as well as other networks, impact levels, and classifications, to ensure that the Air Force is able to push software artifacts from development environments to production environments, at multiple classification levels and hybrid cloud architectures in compliance with the Department of Defense and Air Force policies and directives.

For the Level Up initiative, Zivaro provides a secure, flexible, efficient, and cost-effective commercial cloud service offering that enables the scaling of infrastructure, application resources, IT capabilities and services to meet evolving application and user demands. The scope of work includes Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services to streamline the migration, implementation, support, compute, and storage of current and future Level Up workloads and applications.

Zivaro provides a dedicated Program Manager to oversee the portfolio of projects associated with the Level Up initiative. The Program Manager is responsible for overseeing the engineering team and day-to-day customer interface. Zivaro’s skilled engineering team uses agile practices to complete new development tasks successfully and to resolve customer issues through the Zivaro Cloud Help Desk.

As a proven, reliable, and responsive cloud services provider, Zivaro partners with cloud leaders and other enabling technology partners to help clients optimize their technology investments. Zivaro’s team works to stay on top of the latest industry trends and develops new relationships to maintain their technological edge, delivering robust capabilities to clients and partners. Zivaro’s experience in cloud deployment projects as a prime contractor and in a consulting service’s role, give them the insight and experience to develop a high-confidence approach to analyzing, recommending, and deploying cloud-based solutions.

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