Getting Data In: The Overlooked Art of Cooking Up Splunk

Here at GTRI, when we talk about Splunk we divide it up into two major tasks – getting data into Splunk (i.e., data ingest) and getting information out of Splunk (i.e., search, alerts, dashboards). These tasks are equally important to getting value from Splunk, and, after all, that’s the whole point of the exercise in […]

Splunk Partner Kickoff and Worldwide Sales Kickoff – Better Together!

This year, GTRI was fortunate to be invited again to Splunk’s Worldwide fiscal year 2017 Partner Kickoff (PKO), February 22-23, 2016 in Las Vegas. PKO is always a fun and insightful event, and even more so this year, as Splunk decided to combine it with their annual Sales Kickoff (SKO). The event provided an opportunity […]

Modernizing the Data Center with Hyperconvergence

A fundamental shift in IT is upon us. IT legacy infrastructure is complex, costly, and not designed to efficiently handle mission critical applications, such as Splunk Enterprise, which run in virtualized environments. Plus, the volume of data that is processed by platforms like Splunk is enormous, requiring additional infrastructure to keep up with demand, and […]

There’s a New Splunk User Group in Town

It’s an exciting time to be implementing Splunk. After all, the applications are endless. Splunk is a truly innovative product that provides visibility into an entire enterprise. It’s a solution for defect reduction and business intelligence, as well as security, and can provide valuable insights from your data.

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