Enterprise Network Security Architecture Transformation

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Enterprise networks have been changing radically over the past decade.  Some of these changes have been taking place so slowly that they are difficult to perceive, while others have been rapid and dramatic.  Now enterprises must react to the changes in enterprise network security architecture with new approaches that encompass the entire Internet.

The Case for Cloud-Based Contact Centers

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Today it’s common for organizations to leverage the cloud to save costs, improve business agility and flexibility, and to grow or shrink internal services with ease. Unified Communications and Collaboration tools are internal services businesses can migrate to the cloud to save dollars, embrace agility, and improve resiliency. Nemertes Research reports that 67% […]

Advanced eClinicalWorks Cloud Platform, OneHealthEQ, And Mosaic Health

As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) based in Rochester NY, Mosaic faced challenges with their Electronic Medical records system, eClinicalWorks. eCW is an EMR or EHR solution, that manages all aspects of patient care. They were experiencing outages, downtime and hardware price increases. Mosaic needed to get back to focusing on patient care and […]

Drone Data Management Use Case – US Department of Interior

Executive Summary The usefulness and insight that data bring to analytics and decision support is growing at a rapid pace across all major infrastructure vertical markets. The ever-increasing amounts of data being collected has made managing, integrating, and interpreting them to derive meaningful and relevant insights seemingly impossible.  The is especially true with new forms […]

Cloud Migration Case Study: GTRI and Prologis

Many IT organizations are looking at cloud services as a way to leverage the agility, elasticity and flexibility associated with application delivery. While it’s one thing to research the benefits of cloud computing, it’s much harder to put into practice. Where do you start when it comes to transferring enterprise systems from an onsite data […]

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