Elevating Hospital Resilience through Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solutions

The healthcare sector faces a growing threat from cyberattacks. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, more than […]

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The healthcare sector faces a growing threat from cyberattacks. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, more than 88 million patients were affected by significant breaches of personal health information in 2023, a staggering 60% increase from the previous year. Hacking accounted for 77% of these large breaches.

Small, rural hospitals face unique challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. Often operating with limited funding and a single IT expert, they may struggle to keep up with the rapidly evolving cyber threats. Migrating clinical systems to the AWS Cloud offers small hospitals a cost-effective path to enhance disaster recovery capabilities and protect patient information.

Understanding the consequences of inadequate disaster recovery plans

Without proper measures in place, hospitals are exposed to significant risks. A cyberattack can result in downtime, loss of critical patient data, damage to the hospital’s reputation, loss of trust, and even potential patient harm. In addition to these risks, data breaches cost healthcare companies an average of nearly $11 million between March 2022 and March 2023.

While preventing cyberattacks is the number one goal, the mounting threat makes it essential to have a plan in place in case hackers do strike. Prioritizing disaster recovery helps hospitals to protect patient information and ensure continuity of care.

Benefits of cloud-based disaster recovery

One solution to enhance disaster recovery capabilities and protect patient information is to move clinical systems to the AWS Cloud. Cloud-based systems offer inherent security features that provide a robust defense against cyber threats. AWS, in collaboration with partners like Zivaro, offers turnkey solutions specifically designed for small hospitals.

By embracing cloud-based disaster recovery, small hospitals can enjoy several benefits. Cloud providers like AWS offer disaster recovery protection, ensuring that organizations can achieve data recovery within minutes after a breach. This quick and efficient recovery process minimizes downtime and allows hospitals to resume normal operations promptly.

OneHealthEQ, a comprehensive package offered by Zivaro, includes ongoing HIPAA assessments to ensure patient information security and compliance. Additionally, Zivaro conducts penetration tests to safeguard the hospital’s system against hackers. This holistic approach to cybersecurity provides small hospitals with the tools and expertise to establish robust disaster recovery plans.

Build resilience in the cloud

With cyberattacks on the rise, small hospitals cannot afford to overlook the importance of disaster recovery. By embracing cloud-based solutions, small hospitals can enhance their cybersecurity posture and streamline disaster recovery processes. Partnering with industry leaders like AWS and Zivaro gives small hospitals access to the expertise and resources necessary to establish reliable disaster recovery plans.

Don’t let cyberattacks compromise patient care. Learn more about how cloud-based disaster recovery can protect your hospital and patient information.

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